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The Last Shark

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A lone shark struggles on the snood of a pelagic long-line, alone and not one of scores because this painting depicts the last shark, anywhere. The remorseless demand for shark fin soup and strange oriental or traditional Chinese medicines just will not slow down as a huge rising Chinese middle class craves the ‘class’ attached to it, and also the pathetic claims of it being an aphrodisiac and more. Protective legislation is slow to emerge and hard to enforce, the staggering price of shark’s fin involves it with corruption and organized crime. 

Only if Shark’s fin soup is driven out of fashion will the killing stop, the object of these paintings is to help that happen. China needs to find itself a new national dish.

Please pass a link to this picture to friends and Chinese concerns.

Download a high resolution image: Print it on your tea-shirt. images/shark-finning.jpg

There is a video on youtube  now viewed  by some 430,000 people!

Acrylic on canvas 3 x 2 ft

Available £10,000. 

Sea Witch


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