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The Marine Pentacle

The logo of this website began life as a decoration on my 'China Tea Chests' . It was inspired by the  carving on the Stern of the Tea Clipper 'Cutty Sark' at Greenwich in south London of an Order of the Star of India, a medal awarded for services to the Indian Empire between 1861 and 1947, within it the  slogan 'Heavens Light Our Guide' would have had it's own meaning to it's creators but to the ships owner, Jock 'White Hat' Willis, I'm sure navigation was really in mind. What is true for Navigators, is also true for Witches and Druids! It also has a remarkable resemblance to the familiar Witches Pentacle (a Pentagram in a circle) and so my personalised pentacle , with it's Solar, Stellar, Luna and Tidal representations came to be!


Sea Witches Pentacle, Marine Pentagram, Sea Witchery, Sea Magick Painting
The 'Marine Pentacle'



Star of India medal decoration on stern of Cutty Sark
Star of India on Stern of 'Cutty Sark'


Star of India carving
Detail : Star of India on Stern of 'Cutty Sark'


The Medal  and it's Ribbon  proper, were quite elaborate! It's also found in the fly of the British India ensign.

Star of India medal



There's another Star of India on the 'Cutty Sark', I've never seen this in writing but as an enthusiast I took it on myself to discover what these carvings were, I had Solar impressions in mind, but it all come together when researching the medal too.


It is in the bows just behind the figurehead that a carving of a Star Sapphire lives, inspired no doubt by the largest of them all, it's also called 'The Star of India' an image of it is below.

Cutty Sark figurehead Nannie
Detail of figurehead  and bow of Cutty Sark', showing  Star of India.


Stellar or Sapphire decoration on Cutty Sark bow

Detail  of Star, quite a common  stellar or solar decoration also, but this one  with it's blue backing is surely meant to mimic a star sapphire.

Star of India Sapphire

The real thing: the worlds largest star sapphire. called the  "Star of India"

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Sea Witches pentacle