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The Marine Pentacle

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The Four Elements

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Element of Air

 The power and mobility of the element of Air is illustrated with a tornado complete with lightning, the atmosphere is charged.

Correspondences: East, Athame, Sword, Yellow & White, Sylphs and Eurus.

The Four Elements

I have been asked by a number of fellow witches and wiccans to produce sets of small paintings representing the four elements of earth, air, water and fire to decorate the quarters of their magick circles or perhaps temples. The four elements have their own symbols as seen in the following paintings. I have chosen some favourites to create a set of four here, and also placed one of the witches  e cards I created from them here. Each element also represents a point of the compass, and also points on the witches pentagram where they are joined by a fifth, aether (spirit). They have many correspondences, of which opinions can differ, I have supplied some of the  most commonly used and better known.

All paintings here are sold; they are 8 x 8 inch acrylics on canvas. 

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