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nly a minority of my paintings come available to the public, this is because many are commissions, or sell ahead of uploading there, having been discussed on forums or within social circle as they were being painted. Note that earlier paintings have the signature G.Rix instead of Seawitch, we are the same artist!
That said, a number do come to the public and some are not pushed very hard as I like to have paintings on my own wall and I get attached also, alas they ought to move on though, so this page now exists....I hope you follow it's progress.



Pelorus Jack the Dolphin Pilot


This is ' Pelorus Jack', seemingly known to some as Peter the Porpoise, was a Risso's dolphin that guided ships through part of the Cook Strait, that windy sea seperating the north and south islands of New Zealand......

Acrylic on canvas  20 x 30 inches



Shark Fin Soup


One of my best known paintings, not leat because of controvasy it's caused. It has however taught tens of thousands of people there is a brutal and environmentally disasterous shark finning business fuelling a demand for a posh soup . Nearly half a million people have seen the satirical youtube video it features in also. It has become iconic.

3ft x 2ft Acrylic on canvas



The Last Shark.

A sister painting top the above Shark Fin Soup it depicts the last shark struggling to survive on a long line, an indescriminate catch all that is ongoing.

3ft x 3ft Acrylic on canvas




The Blue Ensign


The blue ensign is becoming a rare sight on the oceans ....


Acrylic on box canvas 16 x 16inches


The Mod Target


The revered 'Mod Target'   on an unusual circular canvas.....


Acrylic on 12 inch circular canvas 

The Mod Target



The Universal Seagull


The Universal Seagull is not about any precise bird really, but all Seagulls, to most people any one of these birds of which there are hundreds is a merely a Seagull, or as British speaking sailors are apt to say, a Shite-Hawk, unless it has the long wings of an albatross to separate it from the rest, and even that could end up being a large Booby. That's a bird by the way!

Acrylic on canvas 3 ft x 2ft





The Tree Sparrow


The Tree Sparrow makes a little brother painting to my 'Farewell Sparrow' painting, this bird is endangered in Europe very much due to intensive farming and all that goes with it, no mystery there like with the urban House Sparrow. However it thrives in the very place it was meant to be exterminated, China. This is the bird that survived Chairman Mao's bizarre purge, but only just.

Acrylic on box canvas 12 x 16inches


Robin our National bird


Robin Redbreast has been Britain's National bird, it gained that status when in 1961 the British section of the International council for birds where tasked with the job of choosing a species.It was probably well chosen too....


Acrylic on box canvas 12 x 12 inch 


Alina, the Rainbow Sail boat


Alina is a rare case of me using watercolors, about a self aware rainbow coloured Sail boat. It was one of many illustrations for a series of children's stories I illustrated by German author Christa Muffs, as yet not published, I look forward to that though. This painting I retained for myself, my Beachcomber hut for a bathroom could suggest why!

17 x 13.5 inch watercolor




The Four Elements Symbols Minimalist

£40.oo set

A set of small minimalist paintings representing the four elements, useful especially for those who cast Magick circle ect. View them here with others.....The Four Elements page

3 x 5 inch Acrylic on Canvas

























All text and images and linked images are 2003-2015 George Rix .If you require any further information on permitted use, or a licence to republish any material, email me at


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